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Advanced Field Inspection  (CAFI)


CPWI+  is required to take this course



Beginning May 13, 2015,  NWIS Training, Inc. will conduct a 2 day Advanced Field Inspection seminar (AFIP) which is an extension of their regular Welding Inspection School for Transmission and Distribution pipeline systems. CPWI+ is a required prerequisite of this course.


The new "Advanced" seminar will provide instruction on developing welding procedures, reading and interpreting welding procedures, so the attendee can fill out the procedure forms meeting all DOT and API 1104 requirements. Field/Shop pipeline welding will be done and the attendee will be required to verify that the approved procedure is being followed or if the welding is being done without adherence to the procedure.


Attendees will also be taught how to use mobile data collectors to provide pipe and weld traceability. You will learn how to create a pup for engineered cuts in the field and to maintain the pipe traceability through the use of generating a new bar code. In addition, you will learn how to record all of the information, such as pipe manufactures' heat numbers, weld numbers, GPS location of each weld, date of weld, etc., the pipeline owner is required to maintain for the life of the pipeline, through hands-on work on our field pipeline. Mobile data collection is an important part of this program and is the way some present and most future pipelines will be documented. Upon completion of the training you will be certified as a Project Consulting Service CATSĀ® field technician.


The explanation on state-of-the-art surveying and mapping will be presented so the attendee will learn how to read alignment sheets and understand the survey numbering system. Field experience will be gained by reading the survey stakes on our own pipeline section. The attendee will learn how the identification of Drag Sections are handled by the survey crews for the final placement in the line.


It is expected that this seminar will prepare the new, as well as, the experienced inspector with additional knowledge on welding procedures, scanning techniques and surveying/mapping techniques needed to perform their duties in a more competent manner.


At the end of the second day a 60 question open-book exam will be given in the classroom. A score of 70 is required for passing the program.


A prerequisite for this Advanced Seminar is that the attendee must have attended and passed the CPWI+ which discusses all of the pipeline codes and standards.

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