NWIS Training Inc. Facility was completed and opened the doors in the beginning of 2013.  This 15,000 + square foot facility features a state of the art classroom with 3 projector screens, 5 flat screen TVs, surround sound, live video streaming for live TV presentations and various other capabilities.  Our classroom is large enough to seat 115 students per class.  The shop area is equipped to provide hands on demonstrations such as locating weld defects, tensile testing, amps and volt measurements, measuring ultrasonic thickness, film interpretation, dent measurement, measuring the magnetic field with the Gaussmeter and measuring diameter of pipe ends.  Several Miller Electric welding machines are set up to provide demonstrations and hands on experience of various welding techniques.  Our facility has a Metallurgical Lab equipped with the latest microscopes and etching equipment used in weld procedures and welder qualifications. Also located near the building is a 16" O.D. 400' pipeline used for identifying weld defects.  A 10x20x8 concrete burst chamber equipped with live feed cameras is used to demonstrate the yield strength of different pipe wall thicknesses and defects under pressure.  Also available are two 6" O.D. buried pipelines used for Hydrostatic Testing and demonstrating the use of pigs. This facility really is one of a kind, from the classroom to the rustic decor. Mr. Wormeli took great pride in designing a "Top Gun Facility" where people could feel at home while gaining the knowledge needed to enhance their future in the Oil & Gas Industry.

NWIS Training, Inc.

16380 Hwy 290 W

Burton, TX 77835

(979) 289-9000

Business Hours

Monday - Thursday  8:00 - 4:00

Friday  8:00 - 12:00