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Since 1977, The National Welding Inspection School has been a specialized training program to prepare and certify individuals for a welding inspection career specifically for the construction and maintenance of plants, pipelines, stations and related facilities. In June of 2015 National Welding Inspection School changed its name to NWIS Training, Inc.

To accomplish this goal, the detailed, concentrated instruction program which leads to a Certificate for the Pipeline Welding Inspector “CPWI”™ includes the presentation of all of the industry standards and federal regulations governing pipeline construction. The latest approved codes and standards presented in detail in this program include the following:

1) API 1104, “Standard for Welding Pipelines and Related Facilities”

2) ASME B31.4, “Transmission of Liquid Pipelines”

3) ASME B31.8, Transmission of Gas Transmission and Distribution Pipelines”

4) API 5L, “Specification of Line Pipe”

5) DOT Part 192, “Minimum Safety Standards for Gas Pipelines”

6) DOT Part 195, “Minimum Safety Standards for Liquid Pipelines”

7) Other Related Codes and Standards pertaining to the visual inspection of Pipeline Welding.



Definition of “NWIS Training”


NATIONAL” - The school includes the entire Nation, i.e., from North to South (Montana to Mexico) and from East to West (New York to California). Over 400 classes have been conducted to over 30,000 attendees for the past 34 years throughout the Nation.

WELDING” - The Art and Science of joining two pieces of metal (in our case, pipe) by heating the ends to above the melting temperature and adding a filler metal to assist in fusing the two pieces together to form a weld.

INSPECTION” - The act of visually looking at the welding activity to assure all aspects of the welding are being done in strict accordance with the project specifications and requirements. This includes the qualification of welding procedures and welders, as well as, the monitoring of the actual field welding of pipelines and related facilities.

SCHOOL” - The gathering of individuals who have a common interest in learning the fundamentals of Pipeline Welding Inspection. Since 1977, the backgrounds of the individuals have varied from welder, inspector, foremen, engineers, superintendents, and project managers to state and federal DOT inspection and auditor personnel.



Today, the NWIS Training, Inc is recognized by many of the major oil and gas companies throughout the country for providing the training and certification of their individuals as a certified pipeline welding inspector “CPWI”.

Again, the recognition of this certification program is a company option and the school and its staff will continue to work extremely hard to merit their acceptance of this program for preparing their individuals for pipeline welding inspection activity. Adding experienced pipeline staff personnel and building a completely new facility for “Hands-On” training, in addition to the formal classroom training, was the goal for NWIS and the late Mr. John C. Wormeli. The NWIS Training, Inc. will strive to continue to be the best school for “Pipeline Welding Inspectors”.




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