Hydrostatic Testing Training  (CHTI)


An AWS Educational Institution


Beginning May 1, 2014,  the NWIS Training, Inc began conducting a new school on a related pipeline topic, "Hydrostatic Testing Training of Pipelines".


The purpose of this 2 Day seminar is to teach the inspector all aspects of conducting the "Test" in a safe and accurate manner. Learning the safety concerns and procedures which must be followed are presented in the classroom. How to read the pressure charts and the various types of pressure recording methods will be discussed in the classroom and demonstrated in the field on a pipeline system. The pressure recording charts will be discussed and explained so the inspector will be able to interpret the charts and determine if a "Good Test" was achieved.


The first day will involve classroom discussion from the beginning of the planning process to pressure calculations to calculating water requirements to discharge water.


The second day will involve meeting in the field and observe the actual hydrostatic testing of a pipeline. Instructors will conduct "Hands-on" training and demonstrate the procedure to be followed and important sequences which will guarantee a safe and successful "Test."


(Note: Be sure to wear appropriate footwear and clothing for the ROW).


Upon completion of a successful "Hydrostatic Test", A second test will be conducted which will involve "Bursting a Test Pipe" by increasing the pressure on the pipe to above its' yield strength and then determining where the failure occurred. Some of the fracture points will be ground into the pipe, some will be arc burns and other fracture locations will be added as considered appropriate. The test pipe will be in a below ground "Burst Chamber" surrounded by TV cameras with LED Lights for filming the pressure test and fracture. Another camera will record the pressure gage and this will be incorporated into a film of the entire event for each class.


An examination will be given the afternoon of the second day regarding all of the information learned in the field and as well as class discussions. The test will be open book and consist of 50 questions. A score of 70 is required for passing.


A certificate, laminated card and letter will be issued to each attendee who successfully passes the exam. The certificate will state "Hydrostatic Testing Inspector" which is verification that the individual has attended the Hydrostatic Testing Training Seminar at NWIS Training, Inc and is capable of inspecting over and witnessing Hydrostatic Testing for pipelines.



            Must be 18 years old and  have industry knowledge



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